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Something to view and listen to

Here is a short clip of I Won't Be Sober Soon played at The Honey Bee Blues Club in Sheffield during November 2016.

A compilation of 4 songs (Suck, squeeze, bang, blow - Tell by her look -  I won't be sober soon & All you need) recorded at The Honey Bee Blues Club, Sheffield in Nov 2016.

Clips of 4 songs from November 2016 at The Honey Bee Blues Club Sheffield. My blues Buddy done stole my baby, I'm tired of working, She scares me and a Two harp instrumental.

King Biscuit Boys 'Little Red Rooster': 'She Scares Me'; 'What is it Tastes Like Gravy?' and 'Hit the Road Craig'. Famous Monday Blues, Jericho, Oxford. Monday 23 May 2016. Thanks to Sheila Donavan for recording editing and posting this from her phone.

The video below is a demo' of us playing Motormouth Mama. It was written by Danny Adler and recorded by The Deluxe Blues Band in the mid '80s.

This is an original track called Jukin'-You said you'd keep me happy.

The opening track from our latest CD - All in a days work.

This one, "I'm tired of working" was written a long time ago. This recording is from the summer of 2012.

A video from Feb 2014.
A little foot tapping love song - Tell by her look.

If you want Loyalty...buy a dog! was written in 2012.
This video was from a little gig in February 2013. 
It would suit bands like
 Nine Below Zero or George Thorogood.
The lyrics can be found elsewhere on the site.

Craig playing Summertime.

When we recorded our CD Home Cooking in 2012, 
Josh from Fallside Productions suggested we could do a
little video at the same time.
As we did not have anything featuring Craig on his melodica,
we went for this original track.

 A spot of busking while we had some spare time in York on our road trip to Yorkshire in September 2017. The Photograph was taken by Felix Nöthling. 



Thanks to Paul Smith from Harbour Radio for this picture of us at The Oddfellows in Gorleston (Great Yarmouth) in February 2015. 


 The picture above was taken by James Byron, a member of the audience at The Summer Retreat in Northampton - August 2014. 

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