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Lonesome Jon

Can also be known as The Craig Stocker Rhythm Section.
His voice is not Blind Willie Johnson, it's not, Tom Waits, nor Captain Beefheart, Charley Patton or Howling Wolf but of that ilk.
Jonathan just wants to sing and play the blues. Don't give me too many chords or flattened 9ths (whatever they are).


Late one evening - 2009

While Craig was taking time out in August and September 2015, Jonathan recorded 'My blues buddy done stole my baby' as a demo/taster for a forthcoming album. Just think how much better it would be with Craig playing some harp or washboard along with this! 
Why not buy the album and find out!


Thanks to Jo at Yumdimsum for the photo.



Thanks to Dean Massey at Folk in the Water for the photograph - June 2015.

Keef, Richie, Brian and Keith of Mistaken ID and the thousands of blues records in his collection.

Inspiration: The Bamboo Beat Band - A band based in Lincoln in the 80's who were lead by Bunt Butler.

Mistaken ID


Keith, Keef, Jon and Richie.

Mistaken ID were formed in 2003 by Brian Pound. Brian put an add in the paper asking for musicians to play some blues based music. Guitarists Keef Madigan and Jonathan were the first to reply, soon after Keith Neil (bass) and Richie Baker (drums) were on board.
They played good times blues, R&B and Retro Beat Rock'n'Roll. All sorts of stuff really, Dr Feelgood, Slim Harpo, Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Rolling Stones etc. 
The first gig was at the Stony Stratford Blues festival.  Brian left after about 18 months and the remaining four continued to play gigs in and around Milton Keynes for the next two and a half years.
It became necessary to have a singer/frontman again, but after rehearsing with singers and harp players who then decided not to carry on, the band lost their drive and disbanded. 

We did enjoy it though!

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